Up for sale is 1 1/2" scale live steam whistle patterns.  The sand patterns are from the original Burbank Railroad Supply Corporation that went out of business and sold many of the assets back in the 1990's.  Includes 4 sand patterns boards that make different whistle body chimes.  Includes a whistle valve sand pattern to make 1/8" NPT brass whistle valve bodies along with 2 lost wax injection molds for the handle and pivot. The different types of whistles are  #1 B-9640 is a union pacific 3-chime whistle, #2 B-9641 is a Sante fe 4-chime whistle, #3  B-9642 is a Southern Pacific 3-chime whistle, and #4 B-9643 is a Yard engine 3-chime whistle.  All of these patterns were used to make the whistles that are listed in the Burbank Railroad Supply catalog #9 on page E-7.  Includes all the original master shop prints, assembly notes, and drawings that were used to create the finished products. Includes some sample castings seen in photo. The original prototypes for handle and pivot are also included.  

SOLD AS-IS, No returns

cash price = $9000.00 pickup only.

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