1 1/2" scale live steam arch bar truck sand patterns and drawings.  The sand patterns are from the original Power Models Supply that had the fireworks accident.  One pattern was missing or still needs to be made.  The pattern that needs to be made is middle support housing for the bolster fit and the spring pad.  The drawing shows the middle spring support casting and spring pad, but the patterns were never made or burned up in the fire.  Special cash only discount price = $800.00 at time of pickup.  Schedule an appointment to see patterns prior to purchase.  There are 3 separate "A" size original drawings for the power model arch bar trucks that is included.  This is a good head start on a project for someone who wants to make arch bar trucks.  Just have to make one pattern to finish this out and you could start selling finished trucks or kits.  It looks like a nice Arch bar truck that would benefit the hobby and needs to be made available again.  The large pattern is heavy, that is why shipping is expensive.  Better to pick up in person.

SOLD AS-IS, No returns

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