1 1/2" scale locomotive drive wheel pattern, box pot style, heavy counter weight wheel

It appears to be a Railroad Supply Corporation pattern.  Has a Railroad Supply part # D-2020-4.  Possibly a wheel casting that was never was released into production due to the break up of the company in the 1990's. 
There was rumor that RRSC wanted to build a larger locomotive to compete against Little engines of lomita.  This may of been the beginning phase of that project.  It has been in storage for many, many years.  Pattern looks like it was hardly used.
Includes a sample casting so you can obtain quotes from foundry or use as a display.  Weight of casting is 17.2 lbs. 

Basic dimensions of the wheel pattern are:

Wheel pattern #4
8.75" OD rough tire
9.11" OD rough flange
1.08" rough width (thickness)
add additional .34" thickness for the raised portion of counterweight
appears to be around 2.00" crankpin distance center axle to center pin (+/- 1/8" difference would probably work)

Sold as-is

cash price = $1000.00 pickup only                

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