1 1/2" scale locomotive drive wheel pattern         one pattern that makes a medium and heavy counter weight wheel

This pattern is from the late Richard Thomas collection.  It is a drive wheel pattern that was part of the group lot of patterns I purchased from him in 1999.  He had a fleet of locomotives during his hobby years.  This is a pattern that was used for
some of the locomotives he built.  Pattern probably around 25+ years old.  Whoever bought the remainder of the Richard Thomas locomotive patterns might need this wheel pattern to help complete their collection.  This pattern weighs in at 20lbs.
The gate on the back needs to be fixed, easy 5 minute job or the foundry may just gate the pattern the way they like it.  I never had the time to introduced this wheel into the product line.  It has been in storage for 16 years.

Basic dimensions of the wheel pattern are:

Wheel pattern #3
8.25" OD rough tire
8.82" OD rough flange
.90" rough width (thickness)
add additional .42" thickness for the raised portion of counterweight
appears to be around 1.875" crankpin distance center axle to center pin (+/- 1/8" difference would probably work)

Sold as-is

cash price = $600.00 pickup only                

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