Solid Aluminum Matchplates.  Sample castings made from each pattern are included.


 back side of pattern

back side inserts for extra detail.  Cast inserts, cut out to fit, weld in place to add the extra details.


1 1/2" scale drive wheel patterns, box pot style, light, medium and heavy counterweight.   These were from the Richard Thomas collection.  Solid Aluminum matchplates.  These are drive wheel patterns made to last many lifetimes.
Includes the insert detail pattern for back side of the wheels.  The insert pattern is made of wood.  You cut out the inserts and weld or bond to backside to create a detailed pocket.   What you see in photos is what you will get.
Includes the 3 sample castings shown in photo so you will have display for customers.  Your local foundry should be able to estimate price using the weight and size of the samples.  Patterns weigh 86 pounds. Castings weigh 42 pounds.
Basic rough dimensions of wheel patterns are:
9.70" OD flange
9.00" OD tire
.60" tire wall thickness
1.25" wheel thickness
2" to 2 1/4" axle center to crankpin center in middle island.
1" to 1 1/16" diameter main axle wheel press fit
5/8" diameter crankpin press fit.

SOLD AS-IS, No returns

price: $5,000.00  cash and carry. pickup only

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