D-1592  Pattern board + wood master pattern + 6 casting samples

Original D-1592 wood master pattern from the Railroad Supply Corporation, Burbank, CA

 1 1/2" scale smoke box front cover, 8 3/16" diameter. Wood sand pattern board + original master pattern  Part# D-1592 
Original wood master pattern was from Railroad Supply Corporation, burbank.  This cover was used for the RRSC 0-4-0 switcher or 2-6-0 Mogul  see catalog#9 A-18 Section 9. 
Includes 6 very nice sample castings that can be sold or used for display.  Sell off the 6 castings at a train meet and it about pays for the pattern.
What you see in the photos is all included as a group purchase.  Casting weight = 9 lbs each

SOLD AS-IS, No returns

cash price = $1000.00 pickup only                

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