1 1/2" scale loose wood patterns for an unknown 2-6-2 locomotive.  There are two boxes of miscellaneous loose patterns from the late Richard Thomas (IBLS secretary).  There are approx. 60+ patterns ranging from braking, pilot, frame components, crosshead, cylinder block and other important items.  This is one of those fun projects that you can spend some time figuring out where everything went.  If someone has the drawings of a 2-6-2 from Richard Thomas, there is a good chance these are the patterns that went with that project.  Someone put a lot of work into making these patterns. I would like to see them go to someone who wants to spend the time figuring out this 2-6-2 design and bring it back to life.  If you have autocad skills, you could probably put this together on paper and figure out what is missing. 
It appears there is enough items here to make a frame structure/chassis with spring rigging, brake system, valve gear supports, and pilot/trailing structure.  Wheels would need to be figured out to get a rolling chassis going.  Includes delta trailing truck patterns.  The trailing truck is made from 6 loose patterns.  Cylinder block patterns included.  Note:  One core box is missing for the main cylinder and is not included.  The core box is not hard to make, just measure the core on the pattern and reverse it to make the core box.  Some of the patterns with this collection may be for other projects.  Richard was getting up their in age, and had scattered patterns everywhere.  I did my best to sift through everything to see what was related to this 2-6-2 locomotive.

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