angled view of sample coupler

2 1/2" scale Stainless steel coupler lost wax injection molds.  Includes 3 separate injection molds; Knuckle mold, Lift Pin mold and Main body mold.  Includes the samples shown in photo. 
The Main body mold is machined from solid brass (weighs in at 60 lbs).  The Knuckle mold is machined from Aluminum.  The lift pin mold is machined from sold brass. 
Inject the molds with wax, release the parts from molds, and ship the waxes to the foundry for processing into bronze, stainless or aluminum depending on what you want in strength.
The coupler samples have Railroad Warehouse on the loop shank side, but you will have a blank name tag that you can either leave blank or engrave with your name for product advertisement.  
The coupler is approx. 10 1/4" in length.  1 1/8" thick loop shank. 

$6500.00 discounted cash price for pickup only

SOLD AS-IS, No returns

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